YOU & EYE is a small boutique-style optical store in the center of Breda, across the street from Hotel Nassau.


Here, you won’t find any Main-street mainstream brands. Instead, you will find beautiful collections of eyewear frames and sunglasses from the so called ‘Independents’. Glasses made with pride by craftsmen from around the world.

You will find meticulously made wooden eyewear from the center of the Sunshine Coast of Australia. Stylish titanium spectacles, made in one of the oldest still operating factories in Japan. Or bespoke eyewear made from exotic materials like natural horn.

For these glasses, we prefer to fit you with tailor made, personalized lenses with the highest quality coatings available.

Like the opthalmic frames, all sunglasses are of an exceptional quality as well. Obviously filtering the harmful UV light, but also mostly fitted with a polarized filter and a glare reducing coating on the inside of the lens.

Feel free to stop on by, when you’re in the neighborhood. There’s always a complimentary fantastic cup of coffee, tea or water available for you, while you admire the beautiful collections.

I like seeing you,

Edwin Sluis
eyewear aficionado

P.S. For now, this site is in Dutch but we’re working on an English version.